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Anonymous • Posted on 10/15/2018 • Miscellaneous

Please pray for those who have sexually assaulted me for many years and are on good terms with my family members. While they sexually assault me they are now saying that I am a danger to people.

Michelle B. • Posted on 10/15/2018 • General

Please pray that after today whenever God puts me in a position of authority that I will get people who honor me the way he commands people to honor those in authority over them. Ephesians 6:6 and Romans 13:1. Pray for those who did not obey these scriptures when I was their supervisor.

Helen M. • Posted on 3/21/2018 • Petition

Greetings Well family, I'm asking for prayer for my myself as well as anyone that is connected to me. I'm thanking God in advance with an expectancy of deliverance. IN JESUS NAME AMEN.
God bless you. #YouMatter #Everyday
Sister Helen Myers.

Anonymous • Posted on 3/2/2018 • General

Please pray for me as I'm having a difficult time dealing with family issues like consoling grieving relatives, aging parents, disrespectful relatives, and possible dementia.

Michael R. • Posted on 9/25/2017 • General

Just requesting that we continue to touch and agree as we pray for one another.

Shirley H. • Posted on 1/25/2017 • General

Pray for the city of Chester and the youth of the city to stop the violence.

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