Meet the Pastor

Bishop Willard E. Shelley, III is an anointed man of God.  The mandate and assignment on his life is to preach and teach the generation of those who seek the face of God.  Bishop Shelley accepted the Lord as his personal Savior in 2001 and his call to preach the Gospel in 2007.  He has been in a stage of transformation through past experiences.  His tests and trials have proven God's faithfulness over and over.  His testimony has been built through success and failure, issues and deliverance, and the sustaining power of faith. 

Over the years, his dedication to the things of God bears witness in his life today.  As a choir member, chief armorbearer, and preacher, he is certainly well-versed in humility and patience.  The joy of salvation is never far from his speech.  He served as the Associate Pastor of The River of Life Church under the guidance of Apostle Kim A. Davis.

In 2013, Bishop Shelley launched Breaking the Chains Ministries, which is a kingdom minded movement that is committed to bringing a change from bondage to VICTORY!  In December 2015, Bishop Shelley was installed as the Senior Pastor of The Well Full Gospel Baptist Church, where he serves faithfully today.  In 2018, Bishop Shelley was inducted to the Chester Police Chaplain's Corp.

In 2020, Bishop Shelley graduated from New Life Episcopal School of Ministry.  In the same year, he was Consecrated to the office of Executive Bishop by Bishop Lionel E. Brown, Jr., presiding prelate of Flowing Oil Kingdom Assemblies International.

Bishop Shelley brings a refreshing, dynamic approach to ministry that is perfectly suited for the 21st century.  He provides a balanced approach that combines spirituality with contemporary energy that is just what the world is looking for today.

This Man of God has given and continues to give of himself to the community and to the restoration of young men.  He is devoted to training and teaching them biblical principles to be overcomers in all walks of life.  He is a firm believer in reaching back to bring someone else along.  He realizes that the favor on his life is not for him, but rather for those who do not know the Lord.  He strives in his daily tasks to allow God to get the glory out of his life.  His service is unto the Lord. 

He is a native son of the City of Chester, PA.  Bishop Shelley is the eldest child of Anna and Willard, Jr.  He is the husband of DesireĆ© Michelle, father, grandfather, mentor, and teacher.  More importantly, he trusts that "The will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you."

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