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Inspiration and Everyday Word delivered by Pastor Will Shelley


"The bombardment of too many voices and too many opinions will take you out of the place in the Spirit where you can hear My voice. Stop the outside noise by getting alone with Me in a quiet place, and listen. Separate yourself from conflict and confusion, and listen. Be still, and listen. I will speak. I will direct you by My Spirit, says the Lord. Psalm 131:2 Surely I have calmed and quieted my soul, like a weaned child with his mother; like a weaned child is my soul within me."

Pastor Will PreachingWhat a powerful Move of God this morning at The Well Full Gospel Baptist Church! From the moment Praise and Worship began, The House was filled with The Holy Spirit. Lady Dez always ushers in The Spirit of The Lord with such passion and conviction. She is truly called to lead the Congregation in welcoming The Holy Spirit into The Well.


Pastor Will Shelley poured out so much Good Word today that I know he must have been completely drained by the end of service. You could just see God moving him and inspiring him as to what He wanted His children to learn and receive today.


When you are serving God under a Pastor who is truly anointed, it is practically impossible to leave service and not feel a stirring in your soul. Pastor Will always "brings it," just like it is, no filter needed and definitely no chaser. However God gives it to him, that's how he is going to deliver it.


One thing that can be said about Pastor Will is that he waits on The Lord to order his steps and to inspire him. Don't even bother to ask him, "What time is church over?" He will tell you that, "It's over when God says it is over." Not before or after God says, "Amen"


At The Well, we have church and it's for real! Times are trying and there is no time to play "willy nilly" with the walk that leads to The Way that God wants us to go. Also, at The Well, you will always be given a word that is based on the Bible, which is the unadulterated Word of Our Lord. Nothing is added to it and nothing is subtracted from it.


This is why partners at The Well are "On Fire for The Lord." Pastor Will is consistently and constantly watering the flock, by way of great leadership, accountability and sound doctrine. Matthew 7:16-20 "You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they?"


There is always something new going on at The Well that will ultimately benefit the community, the church and overall body of Christ. Sometimes, you just need somebody like Pastor Will who is willing to "meet people where they are," and encourage them by reminding them that "you matter!"


I have seen so much personal and spiritual growth in myself and other partners at The Well. From the oldest to the youngest, I have just witnessed people practicing Enlisting, Voicing, Extending, Reading, Yielding (E.V.E.R.Y.) day!


Come join us for Victorious Worship every Sunday Morning Beginning at 10:00 AM. We welcome you to fellowship with us and also invite you to become a Partner of The Well. Contact Lady Dez for more information and don't forget to visit our prayer page and feel free to make a donation to help us in our quest to expand God's Kingdom.


God Bless YOU!

An Original Poem by Michael Riley


If I make it to the top don't give me no fancy parade

For the path that I chose was a simple one

Full of footprints that were already made


The best of the best traveled along a bare and perilous track

In search of freedom whose price was so high

There were no tickets back


If I make it to the top please save your accolades

For my feet were not shackled not a lash did I receive

No decisions at the end of barrels and blades


My roots have not been torn from their garden of birth

Then planted on another land's distant shores


Nor have I labored from sunup to sunset

Until blood instead of sweat ran from my pores


Burdened by strife yet driven by faith

Toiling without thoughts of rewards


My ancestors slept on beds made of straw

In houses fashioned from old boards


Still, despite all of the adversity and pain

They endured and rebuilt their will


The best of the best had to climb a mountain

While I struggled to get up a hill


So, if I make it to the top by following that path

Which someone else has already made


Don't take it too personally when humbly I say

Don't give me no fancy parade.


Copyright © 2004 Michael J. Riley. All Rights Reserved Registration Number / Date: TX0006061867 / 2004-11-03 Essence Magazine Anniversary Issue

Things and people can be connected and not be in contact. I am connected to the money in my bank account, which ain't much, even though I may not be touching it. That relationship involves my trusting and interacting with individuals who are representatives of the organization. Whether I continue to keep entrusting them over time with a portion of my finances depends on how well I am treated and whether the organization performs as promised. The same holds true for personal relationships. Loyalty and trust are earned over time by the outcome of interactions.


On a spiritual level, we also can be connected without being in contact. God is The Greatest Power Source and we are all connected to Him, as He created every one of us. However, that connection is only as effective, in our unique life experiences, as our contact with it allows. You can say all that you want about His grace, but unless you call on Him personally, you are going to be missing out on blessing, after blessing, after blessing! God has provided us with so many different avenues and opportunities to enjoy the power He has stored up for our use to live happy, successful and beneficial lives.


There are a couple of things that immediately come to my mind, as ways in which we can make contact with God... Prayer is the first one and communicating with others to exchange love and compassion is another way. When God has been so good to you, that you can't wait to bless someone else, either through testimony or fellowship, it is a clear indication that you have made the ultimate contact with Our Father and received that blessed gift of Divine Connection by way of Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit. How you treat others is evidence of just how much you utilize and value your spiritual connections.


I am so pleased to have learned that the world is full of people who have recognized just how important it is to reflect the Brilliance, Patience and Power gained through contact with God and each other. In its purest form, love can be expressed in very simple terms... It can be as simple as telling someone, "You matter." Or it can go in a general direction by simply being willing to share your gifts with others. I have been on both, the receiving and the giving end of the two examples listed above. I have given and accepted blessings and support and let me tell you, it has made my life so much fuller. If you want to "level up" your life and experience the wholeness of your life, then I am suggesting that you check your connection and make sure that you have good contact with your Power Source.

Have you ever been treated by someone who paid for everything? What an awesome gesture! Now, how about if they went even further and told you, after they paid, to keep the change. Well, if that sounds good to you, then you are going to love this!


See, Jesus has voluntarily paid for our salvation and has told us to keep the change! There is no way that we would have been able to cover the high price of our deliverance on our own and the only thing that is asked of us is that we accept the miracle of our redemption and transformation.


That is a fancy way of saying that we are invited and encouraged to appreciate God's generosity and to celebrate it with an equally generous praise unto The Lord.


Now, by no means, am I lowering God to the status of a banker. No, that title is not even close to being a suitable reflection of His wealth, greatness, charity and power.


There is something very peculiar about about how God chooses to bless us with His change. Man, says that we are supposed to stash our change away, in case of a rainy day. That is why so many people who follow this kind of advice become hoarders, tucking and stashing all of their blessings and never putting their God-given change to work in the way in which He intended for it to be used.


When God gives it to you, you don't save The Change... The Change saves you! Jesus said, "Keep the change!" So, I did and now I am spending it on praising the Lord! I am not being reckless in my spending. I am being a good steward over the fortune of faith that I have been blessed to receive and making sure that I honor God for His most generous gift – His Change.

What a wonderful day of worship at The Well on Sunday! Most of the time, I tend to arrive at worship services sort of early but, on this particular morning, I just couldn't "get it together." Thankfully, staying home did not enter my mind for a second. This has been a huge turn-around for me. See, I did not always feel enthusiastic about going to church. It may have been because, in the past, I used to have anxiety attacks during almost every service that I attended, or maybe because I was really confused about why I needed to be there in the first place. I'm not even going to try to figure it out at this point, because
God has been so good to me and so patient with me.


To make a long story short, when I got to church on that rainy morning, the praise was already in the house! I came needing a Word and man, did I ever receive one!
God works things out for our benefit whether we realize what He is doing or not. See, He knows what's coming way before it reaches us and makes an impact.
One of the things Pastor Will Shelley said was that, "The devil likes to catch us sleeping." We sometimes feel blind-sided by the enemy's attacks. But, just because the devil "gets a good lick in" on us, doesn't mean he is going to knock us out. All we have to do is call on God and thank Him for
His wisdom, protection, grace and deliverance during a time of temptation and He will break the hold that the enemy was crazy enough to try to put on you.


Hearing Pastor Will's message was so on-point and on-time for me. I nearly fell out of my seat when I heard him preaching on temptation. Just the night before service, I was home alone and feeling a bit down. So, I was suddenly struck with a strong urge to go somewhere that I know I don't belong. The compulsion to drive to the casino was overwhelming. At first, I said to myself, "Nah, I ain't going…" Then, before I knew it, I was in my car and heading to Delaware Park Casino. After only a few minutes into the drive, I came across something that was truly a miracle and a clear message from God that broke the hold temptation had on me. As I rounded a corner on the road that leads to the casino, I literally was stopped in my tracks by a construction barrier blocking the entire path and it read, "Road Closed," and there was no way to get by it. I turned around and drove right back home and thanked God for helping me in my moment of weakness. God's intervention may not always seem as clear and plain as this example but, He will always send you a way out of tempting situations, we simply have to yield. This falls right in line with Pastor Will's E.V.E.R.Y.day Series.


E.V.E.R.Y. = Enlist. Voice. Extend. Read. Yield.


It is a good feeling to know and feel that you are right where you need and want to be in a given moment. I am so glad that I worship in a House of God
that keeps it plain and simple and has a Pastor who actually backs up his messages and sermons with The Scriptures that prove what he is saying is straight out the Bible. I have no problem receiving my spiritual guidance and correction in the midst of my Well Partners. I absolutely feel at home and enjoy attending church services at The Well Full Gospel Baptist Church. I have found a great church home, even though I was not aware that I needed one.


Yes, being in a House of Worship that is being cared for respected with the Reverence that The Lord is due, is an amazingly empowering experience and has made quite a difference in my life. If you are looking for a church home and have almost given up hope that you will ever fit in among your brothers and sister, just come to The Well Full Gospel Baptist Church in Chester, Pennsylvania, where Pastor Will Shelley,  Lady Dez and all of The Well Partners are waiting to show YOU love and let you know that YOU matter!

So many people say that, "We are living in the last days." Yahp, I have to agree. However, that is only a small portion of a greater reality. These times are not just about showing us what is evil and wrong in the world, they also offer an opportunity to witness, with greater clarity, the Divine Interventions that are becoming more and more apparent, even to those who are not practicing Christians.


God is showing up and showing out all over the place. Light shines brighter when it is introduced to darkness. I thank God for allowing me to witness, in His name and to share my testimony about how He has revealed Himself to me. My goal is not to enlarge my profile, but to share His word by living in His grace everyday. His Grace and Mercy are sufficient for me, for He is an Awesome and Mighty God, Who is worthy to be praised.


Today was no exception, in terms of God's continuing to bless me and to order my steps. Half of the time, I don't even have a clue as to what challenges or opportunities are going to be presented to me in any given day. I just choose to trust His wisdom and direction over my life.


So, this morning, I awakened and was about to prepare for church service at The Well Full Gospel Baptist Church in Chester, Pennsylvania, which is under the leadership of Pastor Will Shelley, when suddenly, I realized that we were not having services in Chester, but traveling to Baltimore, Maryland to worship with the congregation of Mt. Oliver Missionary Baptist Church, Bishop Dwight D. Dodd, Pastor.


God led me to stay local and as I went to a nearby convenience store to get a cup of coffee, I encountered a group of homeless brothers and sisters, many of whom are struggling with addiction. The Holy Spirit decided that this is where He wanted me to be this morning, so I stayed and talked with them for quite a spell. I fed those who were hungry and bought them drinks. It was really quite a powerful experience to just spend some time sharing experience, strength and hope with those who could use a little love so that maybe they could have a better day.


After about an hour, The Spirit spoke to me and said to go visit one of my favorite fans who is currently in a convalescence center. Although we have spoken by phone many times, we had never met face-to-face.


So as I arrived at the facility, I made, what I thought to be, a wrong turn and ended up in the parking lot of North Baptist Church on Silverside Road in Wilmington, Delaware, which is under the leadership of Pastor Jimmy Ezell. After circling the building several times, thinking that it was the place where my friend, Mom Josephine, was being cared for, and encountering several locked doors, I eventually found a door that was unlocked. I opened that door expecting to see a reception area. Well, lo and behold, I step through it and discovered that I had just entered into the sanctuary of the church where Pastor Jimmy was well into his sermon, "Jesus Makes Change Possible."



Wow! Not only did I get to attend a beautiful church service, but I also heard Pastor Jimmy recite and point to a poster that displayed the slogan of my home church, "You Matter!"


I really enjoyed today's experiences and cherish the fact that God has been revealing His Plan for my life with ever-increasing clarity and POWER! Revelations are happening daily, but we must seek His wisdom and guidance in order to receive them.


As a side note, and in closing, I want to share another revelation that I had today: I turned on my phone this morning and noticed that I was disconnected from my wifi. What did I do? Well, it was so important to me, that I immediately called my Internet provider and reported that there was something wrong with my connection and that I am not getting my messages. I was willing to follow any guidance or help they could offer, as long I am able to get my connection restored. I trusted their advice and allowed them to remotely reset my connection. Problem solved... Well, I began wondering, "How important is my connection to God?" How important is it to get my messages from Him? Do I value my connection to God enough to call as soon as I noticed that I am disconnected? God has revealed to me that connecting to Him is way more important than connecting to wifi. So, my advice is to check your Divine Connection and call Jesus for help if you are not getting your messages.



Bro. Michael Riley is a Partner at The Well FGBC
He is also Host and Producer of "From the Basement to the Upper Room" in Wilmington, Delaware.

An Original Poem by Bro. Michael Riley

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