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Inspiration and Everyday Word delivered by Pastor Will Shelley

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First let me say that God is Good and Worthy to be praised! At the time of this writing, I am feeling blessed and highly favored. I cannot claim unfailing adherence to God's plan for my life. Sometimes, I stray too far to the left, or too far to the right, but somehow, I always end up where I need to be, when I need to be there. It is nothing but God's love, grace and mercy that rescues me from the perils that would surely consume me without having His hedge of protection around me.


I have not only found that to be true in my own life, but also I have witnessed it to be true in the lives of loved ones and others, whom I have grown close to along the way. I could give many examples of times, that I know of, when He has stood in the gap for me and the many times that the scores of angels encamped around me have intervened on my behalf, but that is not the purpose of this message. It is not about my testifying, it is about the testimonies that we are all carrying with us from day to day, even though we may not even be aware of them.


See, many times, we don't even know that trouble was heading our way and that the enemy had set a trap intended to secure our doom. How come we didn't know about it? The reason is that God has already ordered our steps and designed the path that we are intended to follow in our walk with Him. So, He goes ahead of us and removes obstacles and eliminates threats and dangers that the enemy had purposed to take us out!


Do you think it is too far fetched to believe that there are actually Guardian Angels assigned to look out for you? Well, you can call me crazy if you want to, but I know for a fact that this is true. In these wicked and trying times, believe it or not, it is easier to see The Hand of God at work than it would be during more tranquil days. Due to the frequency of the need for His intervention, the opportunities for living in your testimony have expanded.


Today's world has the capability of knocking us down to our knees and while we are there, Praise God, we have the blessing of being able to call on The Name of The Lord and to invoke the power of The Holy Spirit and to plead The Blood of Our Savior Jesus Christ over our situations!


My daughter was in a terrible car accident yesterday and it was nothing but the Grace of God that she survived. Her car was struck on the driver's side by a truck that ran a red light. After arriving upon the scene, I was horrified by the severity of the collision. The first thing I saw was the complete destruction of the front end of the truck that was involved. With my heart pounding in my chest, I approached my daughter who was still trapped in her car. I comforted her as the first responders were working to get her out and transport her to the hospital. Upon further inspection, I noticed that not only was the truck damaged on the sided that made impact but, also the entire opposite side was caved in from top to bottom. How could that be? That side did not touch my daughter's car!



While speaking with my daughter at the hospital, she said that she saw blood on the left side of her face and asked me to take a look, which I did. I informed her that there was no blood on her and that what she saw on the left side of her face was The Blood of Jesus that protected her from the death that sought to claim her life.


Now back to the caved in front of that truck... After speaking with my Pastor, Will Shelley, we both bore witness to the fact that the extreme damage to the truck on the side that did not touch my daughter's car was caused by The Mighty Team of Angels that surrounded her and absorbed the brunt of the force in the collision. If that is not enough to cause you to trust and believe in God, then I don't know what would suffice. Instead of having to plan a funeral for my daughter today, I was blessed to attend service at my church this morning at The Well Full Gospel Baptist Church in Chester, Pennsylvania, and give God praise while receiving a great message, preached by Pastor Shelley, on deliverance and completeness from the Book of Hosea. (Hebrew. From the Hebrew word hoshea', literally, salvation, help). This article was encouraged and inspired by my witnessing a miracle and by my  conversation with Pastor Will Shelley. Also, please read the following for additional study:


Psalm 57:6

They spread a net for my feet; my soul was despondent. They dug a pit before me, but they themselves have fallen into it!


Psalm 37:24

Though he falls, he will not be overwhelmed, for the LORD is holding his hand.



Bro. Michael Riley is a Partner at The Well FGBC
He is also Host and Producer of "From the Basement to the Upper Room" in Wilmington, Delaware.

People may declare you dead after a fall.. But, God says "You are NOT DEAD!"

Pastor Will ShelleyEutychus was a young man of Troas tended to by St. Paul. Eutychus fell asleep due to the long nature of the discourse Paul was giving and fell from a windowsill out of the three story building. Paul then embraced him, insisting that he was not dead, and they carried him back upstairs alive; those gathered then had a meal and a long talk which lasted until dawn.


When you Enlist and commit to following and serving God, there are many who are waiting for you to "fall." Yes, they are looking for an opportunity to declare you dead! The enemy wants you to feel separated from the Love, Peace and Grace of Our Lord. They believe, and want you to believe also, that since you have fallen, you are no longer worthy of your assignment. But, God, says, "You Are Not Dead!" No, not to Him. He is The God of Forgiveness and The God of Second Chances! A Faithful and Forever God of Redemption!


Even if you are in leadership, it does not guaranty that you may not fall at some point. The difference in being close to God and Our Savior Jesus Christ, is that you will always be given an opportunity to get up. If you are too weak to rise on your own, He will send you a Paul to declare, even among doubters, that "He is NOT dead!"


I am a partner of The Well Full Gospel Baptist Church and my Pastor Will Shelley was sent as "Paul" today to intercede and redeem those of us who would have been declared "dead" due to a fall.


I arrived at church this morning feeling very weak and very broken, But God! I received an awesome Word and so much Love, as we celebrated our "Family & Friends Day." I left changed, healed, redeemed and ALIVE!


Please follow Pastor Will's Series, "E.V.E.R.Y.DAY"

  • Enlist (Accept your assignment)
  • Voice (Talk to God in Prayer)
  • Extend (Serve others)
  • Read (Study The Word. Read your Bible)
  • Yield (Humble yourself before the Lord)

God Loves YOU and You Matter. Everyday.

Vision Casting 2018 at The Well was outstanding! What a joy it was to hear susch a clear, far-reaching, progressive and inclusive message delivered by Pastor Will Shelley. The Partners were on fire for The Lord, as everyone was included in the strategy to move forward with the mission of the church, which primarily focuses on winning souls and helping to draw all men, women and children closer to the love, grace and guidance of God, as provided through a personal relationship through Christ Jesus. Pastor Will and all of the Well Partners are getting to work right now in the community with a sincere belief  that, "You Matter!" Please subscribe to us on youtube, like us on facebook and and follow us on twitter! EVERDAY.

I must admit that sometimes, I have no idea why God leads me to do the things He wants me to do until after the act has been done. A lot of the time, the reason He has me to do something isn't so obvious to me… Oftentimes, it's a little thing for someone else. But, what I find to be true to, time and time again, is that my faith is always strengthened and my soul is always satisfied when I have gone where He has led me to go and have done what He has told me.

Last night was another clear example of the sheer awesomeness of how God can and does move for the benefit of us all and how we can witness the great workings of His Holy Spirit. Here is what happened…

The drain in my kitchen was clogged and I had put off trying to do my nightly dishes until about 11:00 PM. I was not happy about the situation but, I felt like it could not wait until morning. So, I reluctantly did the dishes and decided to take the dish water outside to pour it out into the storm drain in front of my house. There wasn't a soul in sight at that late hour, save for one homeless brother who was shivering outside in the bitter cold, trying to tote his two large trash bags with his frozen fingers.

I asked him if he had a place to stay for the night and he told me that he was going to find a bridge to sleep under. I said, "Brother give me a minute…" I got my car keys and we drove around the city of Wilmington, Delaware until we found a suitable motel where he could stay for the night to get some rest, shower and shave. I provide a little assistance for food and transportation to a drug treatment clinic that he was going to the next morning.

He said to me that he was not used to anybody helping him and not judging him by his situation. I told him that it was not me who helped him but, God who told me to go outside to meet him where God planted him in that moment. I also told him that God has a purpose for showing him the He is Present and that He is always able to send help to meet you where you are. The brother said he cannot repay me and I told him he doesn't owe me and advised that he give Honor and Glory to God for His Faithfulness and to remember to bless someone else when he can. I know he has been changed, as I continue to be by remembering that God Commands us to love one another Every day.

God can turn dirty dishwater into Clean Living Water to help us "Bloom Where We Are Planted."

Don't wait for an invitation to an extravagant Affair. No, God wants to use you and will accept you just as you are right now! You matter to Him everyday and He is willing to meet you where you are. That does not mean that eventually a change won't come over you. God is The Best Farmer that you will ever meet. He plants us in His field right where He wants us to be. Our job is to "Bloom Where We Are Planted."  Your ministry is Whatever and Wherever God has chosen for you to be at a given time. As you grow, He will continue to move you to a bigger pot as necessary. The Best part about being grown by God is that there is no limit on how big you can grow! He will constantly expand your territory. But all begins with submitting to The Lord and asking Him to plant you in YOUR Calling.

Remember those popular bracelets, coffee mugs, tee shirts, bumper stickers, license plates, etc, that read, "What would Jesus do?" Well, while taking a drive with my daughter today, I thought about it and asked myself that question. An inner voice answered, "Ask him!"



Wow! How about that! Just ask Jesus what he would do in any given situation. I guess answering the, now-famous and highly marketable question, with such a simple and direct reply would have shortened the commercial shelf-life of a catchy marketing tool, aimed at the wallets, instead of the hearts, of Christians.


If one seriously wants to know what Jesus would do, wouldn't it make sense to cut through the chase and just ask Him? I mean, if one has a relationship with him, don't you believe he would answer and do it without folks having to swipe their debit card or dig deep into their pocket to purchase a bunch religious gear imprinted with WWJD?


In all honesty, I consider it quite a shame how easily people are convinced to adorn themselves with various "religious gear," bearing slogans to communicate with the world, while abandoning or neglecting to communicate with the one who is so generous in providing us with access to the wisdom and guidance of Our Risen Savior.


The next time I see somebody wearing anything reading WWJD, I am going to stop and say three things:


  1. Did you ask him what he would do?

  2. What did he say he would do?

  3. I'm sure he was glad to hear from you.

Michael Riley is a Partner at The Well FGBC
He is also Host and Producer of "From the Basement to the Upper Room"
Television Program on Channel 28 in Wilmington, Delaware.

Apart from being another great way to come together and get to know your fellow partners, Bible Study is a very important time to activate and cultivate a desire to obtain a deeper understanding of certain elements that are essential for our living according to God's Word. "Isn't reading The Bible at home before going to bed good enough?" one might ask. My answer would have to be, "You tell me…" We watch the news and read all kinds of things so that we can have informed and well thought out discussions surrounding sports, television, politics, fashion… You name it. But, when it comes to becoming adequately informed about what God has to say about how we are living, we are too tired or too busy to participate in Bible Study.


I am not knocking anyone for how he or she chooses to live or what they have deemed necessary for spiritual growth and salvation but, I have to share that, I am very excited about coming together during Bible Study and learning, not only from my Pastor, but also from fellow partners! I have found that some of the things that I read at home alone, take on a whole new life when discussed with others. Plus, much to my surprise, discussing God's word is more than just serious lessons on Biblical text. It can be so much fun, as well! I have yet to attend Bible Study at my church, where we didn't at some point, have plenty of laughter. Christians have some pretty funny stories to tell about their life's journey.


I guess, to sum up how I feel about attending Bible Study, my suggestion would be to have a discussion with one's Pastor about attending and then to give it an honest try. I believe many folks will be pleasantly surprised once they experience the benefits of attending Bible Study on a regular basis.

I heard something today, that I feel bares repeating. "Nature formed us, sin deformed us, environments conform us, schools inform us, prisons reform us... But, only Christ Jesus can transform us."


Yes, that makes it pretty clear!


  1. We had a natural conception that formed us and brought us into this world

  2. Sin and all of the hell that it took us through deformed us

  3. Everything in our environment conformed us

  4. Schools informed us with what they wanted us to know

  5. Prisons reform us, or so they claim

  6. Only Christ Jesus can transform us

Wow! How awesome! Although nature may form us in our natural state, Christ can still transform us. In our sinful ways, Christ can still transform us. No matter what our environment is, Christ can still transform us. No matter what we are learning from somewhere else, Christ can still transform us. Even if they lock us away and throw away the key, Christ can still transform us!


Nothing is greater than the love and grace of The Lord, as evidenced by His willingness to sacrifice the Blood of His Own Begotten Son, Our Savior Jesus Christ, so that we may have everlasting life.


I know that God is working things out on our behalf right now. Sometimes, we may not even know that He is doing things for us, because we were not even aware that trouble was heading our way but, He intercepted it before it found its way into our lives. This is the benefit of trusting and believing that GOD WILL DO what is reasonable for our salvation, serenity and well-being.


Romans 12:2 King James Version (KJV)


2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.


As we move forward in our living from day to day, let us be transformed and remember to live from "Faith to Faith." We claim the victory over all adversity, not through our carnal thoughts or our natural mind but, by our connection and contact with God, our relationship with Him by way of prayer and meditation and by the course of our actions. We trust The Lord in all areas of our lives. We trust Him to sustain us on our jobs, in our relationships, during our trials and tribulations and give Him the praise for all of our accomplishments.


Romans 1:17 New King James Version (NKJV)


17 For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, "The just shall live by faith."[a]


Reap your full benefit from the goodness of The Lord by not limiting His working on your behalf. Renew your mind by faith and change your mindset from "He can" to "He will!"


God Bless You!

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