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Why Bible Study Matters

By Michael Riley

Apart from being another great way to come together and get to know your fellow partners, Bible Study is a very important time to activate and cultivate a desire to obtain a deeper understanding of certain elements that are essential for our living according to God's Word. "Isn't reading The Bible at home before going to bed good enough?" one might ask. My answer would have to be, "You tell me…" We watch the news and read all kinds of things so that we can have informed and well thought out discussions surrounding sports, television, politics, fashion… You name it. But, when it comes to becoming adequately informed about what God has to say about how we are living, we are too tired or too busy to participate in Bible Study.


I am not knocking anyone for how he or she chooses to live or what they have deemed necessary for spiritual growth and salvation but, I have to share that, I am very excited about coming together during Bible Study and learning, not only from my Pastor, but also from fellow partners! I have found that some of the things that I read at home alone, take on a whole new life when discussed with others. Plus, much to my surprise, discussing God's word is more than just serious lessons on Biblical text. It can be so much fun, as well! I have yet to attend Bible Study at my church, where we didn't at some point, have plenty of laughter. Christians have some pretty funny stories to tell about their life's journey.


I guess, to sum up how I feel about attending Bible Study, my suggestion would be to have a discussion with one's Pastor about attending and then to give it an honest try. I believe many folks will be pleasantly surprised once they experience the benefits of attending Bible Study on a regular basis.

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