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Wait and Weight on The Lord

By Michael Riley

I have heard it a million times… but, somehow, it seems like a revelation every time I stop long enough to let it sink into my think head. They tell me to "Wait on The Lord," and "You don't have to carry the load alone..." So, after once again finding myself in a place of extreme pressure and in serious need of a breakthrough, I am reflecting upon that sound advice. I am going to wait on The Lord and place my weight on The Lord.


Nothing is too hard for the God I serve to handle and He told me that I can lay my burdens down. What a wonderful and powerful realization! It makes me think of that poem, "Footprints." I am sure we can all think of so many times when it would have been most wise to "Be still and know that He alone is God." Playing the hero has never worked out to well for me.  Talk about something being ill-advised… I would be hard-pressed to think of a single situation wherein my disobedience and impatience worked in my favor.


My takeaway from the lessons learned from trying to "play God," is that I have learned as wonderfully and fearfully made as I may be, I am not equal to The Lord in wisdom, endurance or might. So, I need to move in His time and let His strength be my strength I need to be mindful of this at all times… not just when things are messed up, but also when things are going well. Maybe that way, I can hold onto my joy a little longer and spend less time bemoaning how hard my journey has become.


A quick little example of a time that things went terribly, yet comically wrong, because I didn't wait on The Lord or place my burden in His hands has to do with a gambling episode that I had. See, I am a very impulsive person and when I want something to happen, I want to happen right now or yesterday! I had a few unexpected bills come up and I just didn't have it in my budget to cover them. So, I started thinking, how can I get some quick money in my pocket. Ah Hah! I can take a few dollars to the casino and win enough to give myself a little cushion. Uh, yeah… No! That casino tore me up! Took everything I brought with me, along with adding an additional bounced check in my bank account to boot. So, "How did that work out for ya?" you might ask.. (Laugh) Not too good!


So, after that horrible gambling fiasco, guess what happened the following day… The mailman brought my mail and, included along with a bunch of junk mail, was refund check from a car purchase that I had made several months earlier. Accompanying the check, was a letter explaining that the dealer had overcharged me for taxes and tags on my vehicle. Amazing! You mean to tell me that all I had to do was just sit still for another day in order for God to deliver the help that I needed? Absolutely! That is exactly the lesson that I learned from that experience and I am excited to share it with you as a friendly reminder. Today, my friends, I am encouraging you to wait on The lord and place your weight on The Lord, for what Mighty God we serve!


Amen and God Bless you.


Bro. Michael Riley is a Partner at The Well FGBC
He is also Host and Producer of "
From the Basement to the Upper Room" in Wilmington, Delaware.

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