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Dirty Dishwater Turned Cleaned

By Pastor Shelley / Michael Riley

I must admit that sometimes, I have no idea why God leads me to do the things He wants me to do until after the act has been done. A lot of the time, the reason He has me to do something isn't so obvious to me… Oftentimes, it's a little thing for someone else. But, what I find to be true to, time and time again, is that my faith is always strengthened and my soul is always satisfied when I have gone where He has led me to go and have done what He has told me.

Last night was another clear example of the sheer awesomeness of how God can and does move for the benefit of us all and how we can witness the great workings of His Holy Spirit. Here is what happened…

The drain in my kitchen was clogged and I had put off trying to do my nightly dishes until about 11:00 PM. I was not happy about the situation but, I felt like it could not wait until morning. So, I reluctantly did the dishes and decided to take the dish water outside to pour it out into the storm drain in front of my house. There wasn't a soul in sight at that late hour, save for one homeless brother who was shivering outside in the bitter cold, trying to tote his two large trash bags with his frozen fingers.

I asked him if he had a place to stay for the night and he told me that he was going to find a bridge to sleep under. I said, "Brother give me a minute…" I got my car keys and we drove around the city of Wilmington, Delaware until we found a suitable motel where he could stay for the night to get some rest, shower and shave. I provide a little assistance for food and transportation to a drug treatment clinic that he was going to the next morning.

He said to me that he was not used to anybody helping him and not judging him by his situation. I told him that it was not me who helped him but, God who told me to go outside to meet him where God planted him in that moment. I also told him that God has a purpose for showing him the He is Present and that He is always able to send help to meet you where you are. The brother said he cannot repay me and I told him he doesn't owe me and advised that he give Honor and Glory to God for His Faithfulness and to remember to bless someone else when he can. I know he has been changed, as I continue to be by remembering that God Commands us to love one another Every day.

God can turn dirty dishwater into Clean Living Water to help us "Bloom Where We Are Planted."

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