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Grace and Peace. Our mission is to become effective servants to God's people. The Well Full Gospel Baptist Church and Pastor Will Shelley "Meet you where you are." If you are looking for real information and inspiration in how to "Bloom where you are planted" then our videos are just for you to help you to find your calling and blessings by practicing a series of steps Everyday. At The Well, You Matter! Please subscribe, comment, like and share our videos all over social media.Please Visit our main website http://thewellfgbc.com for more information about our church, our Pastor and our Well Family. God Bless You!


Bloom Where You Are Planted

By Pastor Shelley / Michael Riley

Don't wait for an invitation to an extravagant Affair. No, God wants to use you and will accept you just as you are right now! You matter to Him everyday and He is willing to meet you where you are. That does not mean that eventually a change won't come over you. God is The Best Farmer that you will ever meet. He plants us in His field right where He wants us to be. Our job is to "Bloom Where We Are Planted."  Your ministry is Whatever and Wherever God has chosen for you to be at a given time. As you grow, He will continue to move you to a bigger pot as necessary. The Best part about being grown by God is that there is no limit on how big you can grow! He will constantly expand your territory. But all begins with submitting to The Lord and asking Him to plant you in YOUR Calling.

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