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A Matter of Life and Death!

By Michael Riley

Often times, some of the things we hear seem to go in one ear and out the other but, does the impact of what we hear truly have such a short shelf-life? Just because one is not conscience of a thought that was produced or influenced by something we might have heard, doesn't mean that there was no consequence or benefit from hearing it. For truly, the tongue has the power of life and death. It's not good enough, to just watch what we see and hear. No, we have a responsibility, as followers of Christ, to also "Watch Our Mouth!" It is amazing how frequently we can speak death into a situation or a life, without intentionally doing so. We say things like, "So and so makes me sick!" Well, guess what… The next day you wake up and, lo and behold, you're not feeling that well. Hmmm… I wonder why. Some have said things, even to loved ones in the heat of the moment, such as, "I hate you," or "drop dead!" Now, these might seem like things that will be forgiven and forgotten, and that may be true, however, those words have power in the way of spiritual and universal laws. See, once again, there is "Power of Life and Death" in the tongue, so yes, we have to watch our mouth! Speak life and blessings into your life and the lives of others.

I am so excited about Pastor Will Shelley's sermon series, "Watch Your Mouth!" and invite you to come as you are and worship at The Well Full Gospel Baptist Church located in Chester, Pennsylvania, where you will find a warm family atmosphere and receive a Word that is rooted in sound doctrine and taken right out of Word of God, The Holy Bible. For more information about what's happening at The Well, or to follow Pastor Will's Series, please visit the contact page. You may also submit your prayer requests, sow a seed or become a partner.


One thing, I can guarantee that you will discover during your very first visit to The Well is that You Matter!

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